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Considering and working for not to risk exhaustible resources, Patagonia is a brand that aims to produce equipment for non-motorized sports such as skiing, snowboarding and surfing. The brand, which was brought to life by a group of sports-lovers who are passionate about minimalism, develops durable and repairable products with simple lines. Brand founders, who think that ecological products should be used in journeys to the heart of nature, continue to produce all their products in line with this principle. All designed product types have lines suitable for daily use as well as outdoor areas. These designs, which are in harmony with the principle of being functional and usable in clothes, allow you to carry what suits people’s style to all parts of nature. Combining the styles with new technology, Patagonia collections include a product suitable for everyone.



The brand tends to be more focused on sustainability, ecofriendly, etc. If that is something that interests you, they are certainly a brand to look into. As for the kind of people who wear Patagonia.




Nature Compatible and Eco-Friendly Products By Patagonia

Patagonia prepares product collections specific to activities intertwined with nature, such as mountain biking, fishing and trail running. Except for clothing products, equipment such as bags, overalls and mugs are also among the products prepared. Adhering to the principle of protecting nature and resources during product development stages, Patagonia does not give up on high-quality designs in these processes. Using recycled materials, the brand brings products that appeal to different styles to users. By considering functional use, all of the products can be worn for a long time. The company, which has high-quality clothing designs, equips clothing with repairable features. Patagonia designers, who test all summer and winter products on site and in their environment, realize the innovations that will best meet your needs by seeing the conditions that the clothes are exposed to. For example; the sweat absorbency of shorts and T-shirts on hot summer days is verified by on-site testing of how waterproof jackets protect electronic devices in spring rains. The company, which inspects the products to be used in life with real data, far from artificiality, offers on-site solutions to the needs.

Additionally, Patagonia aims to offer the best for its customers regardless of the season, bringing together dozens of different collections. The brand, which makes all the steps from the fabrics used in the production processes to the dyes detailed and certified, is reliable for its users and it uses harmless products for the world. With the products it offers, Patanogia family also aims to introduce sustainable clothing habits to their users by supporting the protection of the world's resources and allow people to enjoy their products for a longer period of time.

Eco-Friendly, Inspiring and Innovative Collections

Patagonia designs, which have simple and characteristic styles, reveal the most suitable solutions for the spirit of every season. The collections, which make their users happy with their useful features, create affordable price alternatives in proportion to their successful performance. The product lines are made from recycled and organic materials in line with the brand's style. The clothes, which have flexible textures and are light and offer UV protection, are equipped with breathable materials. These features, which reveal the comfortable side of sportswear, also meet the needs of the users.

Innovative designs developed by the brand add multi-purpose touches to the seasonal features of the products. The brand, which generally uses plain lines in its models, also offers collections with patterns and colors in recent years. The brand, which transfers colors and designs from life to its products, makes people feel this change that it has brought to life in its simplest products such as Patagonia t-shirt and Patagonia shorts. The product lines, which gain a unique style with the use of buttoned, zippered or open detailed pockets, add a unique stance to clothes with a multi-purpose structure. The brand, which produces all kinds of clothes you need, from underwear to hats, from baby rompers to shirts, with the principle of excellence, aims to provide you with products that make you happy at affordable prices in addition to considering nature and natural resources.

Minimalist Equipments

Patagonia also offers many other products and equipment for sports-lovers. Developed with the idea of ​​minimum lightness and maximum usability, waterproof materials are used in all of the bag models. The bags, which have large interior volumes regardless of what people are carrying inside, allow customers to experience the same comfort even when used full or empty. In models prepared in accordance with city life, the brand pays attention to the creation of a design in which objects can be carried on all surfaces of products to be used in nature. Mugs, bottles and glasses that make eating and drinking fun at home, workplace or camping area allow people to enjoy them for a long time with their durable structures. Equipment, which is among the best product models in its class, preserves the temperature of beverages and foods for a long time thanks to its thermo features. Bottles and mugs, which are produced using ceramic material together with stainless steel, are produced without BPA. 

The brand, which includes recycled products in its mug, glass and bag collection as well as in all its product collections, continues to contribute to the protection of the world. Recyclable materials used as a protective layer, especially on the outer surfaces of the bags, provide moisture and liquid protection to the products. Patagonia outdoor product equipment allows people to carry not only comfort but also a subjective style in the areas. Equipment that delivers the most concentrated form of personal wishes, brings the effect of different touches to people’s life. Regardless of the type of activities performed, the equipment that supports physical conditions helps to increase comfort and sustainability.

Patagonia and Mimoni

Patagonia not only guarantees its products but also aims to take advantage of sustainability and green energy. By consuming less energy, wasting less water and creating less trash, the Patagonia family has an impact on people and the planet.

Patagonia not only guarantees its products but also aims to take advantage of sustainability and green energy. By consuming less energy, wasting less water and creating less trash, the Patagonia family has an impact on people and the planet.

If you want to take a look at companies that protect nature and produce quality products like Patagonia, keep visiting us at mimoni.com and have access to more.



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