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With the effects of the climate crisis being felt more and more each day, environmental awareness and accordingly conscious consumption habits have increased. According to a study conducted in 2021, 83% of global travelers share the belief that sustainable tourism is important. Based on this, while the orientation towards ecotourism has increased, we have started to see the reflections of this in the alternative accommodation sector.


Today, there are many environmentally friendly solutions that can be adopted in the field of real estate management to catch the sustainable tourism trend. It seems that these sustainability solutions will give a new direction to the nature of the alternative accommodation sector and will take their place as standard practices in the near future.


“Ecobnb promotes sustainable tourism and encourages people in choosing sustainable destinations, less-touristic places, nearest destinations, preferring eco-friendly accommodations and sustainable way of travelling.”



Ecobnb Sustainability Solutions for Alternative Accommodation Sector


Ecobnb, which is supportive of sustainable tourism and invites people to help make the world greener, is also one of the leading initiatives of recent years. It aims to create some sustainability solutions and these are the main point of these aims:


  • Focusing on savings


Real estates used for alternative accommodation can waste a lot of energy and people can encounter many unnecessary energy expenditures, from the air conditioner that the guest forgets to turn off while checking out, to the television that the plug is left in the socket. Such problems require modern solutions. For example, the energy waste of the house can be prevented easily with the devices that can be obtained very easily, such as a smart thermostat and a smart socket. In addition, the resources consumed during the use of the house can be minimized with practical solutions such as energy-saving smart bulbs, water saving apparatus for shower heads and taps, smart siphon, and sensor faucet systems.


  • Avoiding plastic products


With the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for disposable products has increased even more. The fact that plastic is the most preferred material in disposable products has expanded the scope of this harmful substance in our lives. On the one hand, it is unfortunately not possible to provide a living space where guests will feel completely comfortable in terms of hygiene, and on the other hand, it is not possible to avoid 100% disposable products. For this reason, it is beneficial to turn to recycled and biodegradable options for disposable products you offer to guests.


  • Developing practical solutions

Key safe entrances, one of the solutions developed in the field of alternative accommodation during the pandemic period, will eliminate travel for welcoming purposes. This will reduce the carbon footprint. For example, many houses in the Ecobnb system can use the key safe entry option. Thus, both the guests feel comfortable during the epidemic period as contact with foreigners is minimized, and the carbon footprint caused by the travels made due to the welcome is prevented. In addition, smart home technologies that will allow people  to remotely control the status of the house will also help them be aware of the needs without making a physical visit to the house. Apart from these, one can also benefit from technologies that purify rainwater for houses with pools and put it into use in the pool.


  • Going for eco-friendly products


Many of the products people use for personal and household cleaning contain heavy chemicals that cause serious damage to marine life. Access to alternative products that will help people prevent this and minimize the negative impact on nature through such frequently used products is getting easier day by day. Today, with the increase in ecological cleaning and hygiene products, one can turn to ecological choices at many points, from the soap and shampoo included in the boucle offered to the guests to the surface cleaner chosen for cleaning the house.


  • Recycling


In the houses one manages, it is possible to choose recycling bins, where one can offer guests the chance to separate their waste. Having various recycling bins for many different types of waste, such as glass, paper, plastic, metal, waste oil, batteries and organic household waste, will make the guests' work easier and put them at ease. Considering that food residues constitute a large part of household waste, composting machines that will turn these wastes into fertilizers, especially in houses with gardens, will also contribute to the implementation of your environmentally friendly policy.


10 Main Sustainability Criteria of Ecobnb


Ecobnb, which offers many environmentally-friendly houses or hotels to its users, believes that it is simple to understand and work for the environment. In the light of this belief, Ecobnb has ten main sustainability criteria which we can list as follows;


  • 100% Renewable Energy,
  • Organic or Local Food,
  • Car-free accessibility,
  • Ecological cleaning products,
  • More than 80% waste recycling,
  • Green building,
  • Energy saving lights,
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water,
  • Water flow reducers, 
  • Recovery & reuse of rainwater.

In line with these criteria, Ecobnb tries to do its best for the guests and for the environment. By offering environmentally-friendly hotels, it also reminds us how important it is to protect the environment and protecting environments and animals starts with simple steps.


Adopting these criteria, Ecobnb does a lot for the protection of nature and sustainability everyday: 8 kg of CO2 avoided, 295 trees are saved and 302 liters of water saved. In addition, to make a contribution to create a greener planet, Ecobnb started a project in 2020. Every time a person travels with Ecobnb, this person also donates a small contribution during the booking phase to active compensation projects. Ecobnb also works on carbon footprint. For this reason, with the aim of neutralizing CO2 emissions, it focused on planting new trees. By this action, Ecobnb also follows the indications of the Kyoto Protocol.


If you want to have a nice holiday while preserving nature and neutralizing CO2 emissions, you can check the Ecobnb website and visit mimoni.com for other nature-friendly sites or brands. This world is our home! It's up to us to protect it and make it better. 

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