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From Desk to Destination: Tips for Planning a Sustainable Workcation

Are you tired of staring at the same boring office walls day in and day out? Do you dream of a work environment that includes a beach view or a mountain backdrop? Then it’s time to consider a sustainable workcation! 


That’s right; you can combine work and travel without sacrificing your commitment to the planet.


As remote work becomes a new normal, the idea of a workcation is gaining momentum. But before you pack your bags and hop on a plane, you must consider how your trip will impact the environment. 


Luckily, with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can enjoy your sustainable workcation. Here’s how: 


Research Sustainable Accommodations


When planning a sustainable workcation, the first step is to consider staying in eco-friendly accommodations. You can ask the following questions to ensure the resort, hotel, or vacation rental follow sustainable practices. 


  • Are they powered by renewable energy? 
  • Do they have a recycling program? 
  • Is their pool water filtered without the use of harsh chemicals?


But how will you get answers to these questions? Don’t worry; most sustainable accommodations will proudly display their eco-friendly features on their website. So you can enjoy a comfortable, enjoyable, and eco-friendly workcation.


Use Technology to Reduce Paper Waste


In this digital era, there’s no excuse for paper waste. Don’t you agree? So, before you head off on your adventure, ensure you are equipped with all the digital tools, including your mac. 


Check that you have access to cloud storage, digital signatures, and online document-sharing platforms. This way, you can work collaboratively with your team without printing a single piece of paper. 


Similarly, ensure your mac runs smoothly before you hit the road. The last thing you want is to have your work derailed by a pesky technical issue, such as the escape key on mac needs to be fixed. Instead, resolve such issues before you begin your workation journey. 


Consider Transportation Options


As you may already know, transportation is among the biggest contributors to carbon footprint, especially while traveling.


So, when planning your workcation, you must consider using transportation options with the least environmental impact. Here, your destination will play a significant role. If you’re lucky enough to live near your destination, you can hop on a bike or walk there. 


If not, do some research on public transportation options, such as buses or trains. And if you absolutely must rent a car, consider renting a hybrid or electric vehicle. 


Pack Light and Eco-Friendly


Last but not least, when packing for your sustainable workcation, resist the urge to bring your entire wardrobe. Instead, opt for a more minimalist approach with lightweight and versatile clothing that can be mixed and matched.


Also, don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle, coffee cup, and shopping bag to cut down on single-use waste. You can even use eco-friendly toiletries such as shampoo bars, and refillable containers can also help reduce plastic waste. 


Wrapping It All Up 


These are a few tips to consider when planning for a sustainable workcation. Nevertheless, make sure to relax and enjoy a guilt-free adventure without sacrificing productivity or our beloved planet. So, go ahead and make the necessary bookings now! 


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