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Threadless & Sustainability

Having partnered with hundreds of thousands of artists for more than 20 years, Threadless is a community that supports artists, but is now a highly preferred and famous brand in today's world. The brand does not only focus on clothing, but also tries to teach people many ideologies. For example, respect for diversity, environmentally friendly production (sustainability). Threadless, which was founded in 2000 as a t-shirt company in Chicago, has been supporting artists and selling quality apparel, accessories and home decorations ever since. Aiming for artists to find the most different as well as the best, Threadless pursues the idea of ​​using its products as a canvas. Threadless, which wants the art to be seen everywhere, offers a combination of art and clothing to its customers.


Our mission is to give the creative minds of the world more opportunities to make and sell great art.



Main Points of Threadless


Threadless has three main points: 


  1. Art 


The brand supports creative expression and the art of love that drives cultural change. Threadless also supports art and creativity by offering a bold space for artists to share their designs. 


  1. Diversity


Threadless regards diversity as sacred, believing that each of us is special as human beings. This idea saves their products from mediocrity. 


  1. Nature 


The brand also attaches great importance to the environmental impact of the production process. Because of this, he puts a lot of effort into making the world a better place. The brand feels responsible towards the environment in its products and in every process of the products, even in office life or in daily life. In addition to ensuring the recycling of used products, it saves paper. Aware of the harm plastic causes to the environment, the brand uses refillable water bottles even in the office. Adding a different dimension to savings, the brand donates unused products and office supplies to reduce excess waste. Thus, the brand conducts environmentally friendly, ethical and socially responsible practices.


In fact, although all points are very important for Threadless, the protection of nature is their first priority. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with information about Threadless and its connection with sustainability as well as nature conservation.


What Does Threadless Do to Protect Nature?

  • Modern change and new system


Threadless, trying to reduce its carbon footprint, primarily switched to an optional system. In other words, it does not include standard filled depots. In this way, it takes an innovative and environmentally friendly step. Preferring a more localized and sustainable supply chain, Threadless has also shortened shipping distances. This both saves time in production and reduces the carbon footprint.


  • Safety for all


Threadless, which wants to protect both nature and its workers, also attaches importance to occupational safety. In addition to the environmentally sensitive products produced in the brand's working environments, the printing process is carried out in clean and safe facilities with up-to-date certificates.



Speaking of printing, the brand never prefers prints that harm the environment and people. 100% non-hazardous, non-toxic, water-based NeoPigmentTM inks are used for printing processes used for clothing products. Since the ink used is water-based, it is 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. The printing process also allows a low environmental footprint as water is saved and no water is used during the printing process. 


  • Partners sharing same vision


There is another point that the brand pays attention to: working with partners who aim for safe, sustainable production. The brand, which has sworn to protect the environment and not to harm, chooses its partners from harmless companies like itself. Partners of the brand also actively aim and work to reduce its environmental impact by reducing energy use, water consumption, wastewater production and greenhouse gas emissions.


Sustainability and Threadless


The Threadless team, which believes that art actually comes from nature, states that one of the most difficult things in the world is to instill environmental awareness and sustainability in people. Therefore, the brand, which starts from its own offices or production, is constantly striving to create this awareness.


To remind environmental awareness and sustainability, Threadless also gives other people a chance. By inviting them to design competitions, it also aims to emphasize the environmental issue.  It is an undeniable reality that the environment provides vital resources for survival, health and quality to all species. Advocating this reality, Threadless wants future generations to be environmentally conscious as well. It develops some projects in this direction. E.g; A design competition for Earth Day. Thanks to this project, Threadless gave designers the opportunity to make and sell their own products, as well as to raise donations. In this way, each design product purchased from the brand has an environmental call on it, while contributing to the design world.


Research By Threadless


The brand also periodically conducts research on how the production process in the world affects the environment. In line with the information obtained, many bitter truths have emerged and these facts have come to the level of threatening the world:


  • 75% of discarded clothes go to landfill.
  • The textile industry generates more emissions than all international flights and shipping combined.
  • A truckload of textile waste is thrown away every second.
  • 3 out of 5 products purchased are thrown away within a year.
  • It takes 2,700 liters of water to make a cotton shirt.
  • 120 million trees are cut down every year to make clothes.
  • 30% of the rayon and viscose used in fashion comes from endangered and ancient forests.
  • Up to 16% of pesticides in the world are used in cotton farming.


Threadless strives to develop effective projects while combining style and sustainability. The biggest feature that distinguishes Threadless from other companies is to sell second-hand designer clothes. Thus, the environment is protected, sustainability comes to the fore and the amount of good clothes going to landfills is reduced. It is another advantageous feature that the designs are made with prints that do not harm nature. If you also want to protect nature and wear designer clothes, you can visit Threadless or take a look at other environmentally friendly companies and products on mimoni.com


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