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Yes! Beyond Meat but What More!?

Yes! Beyond Meat but What More!?


The meat-free, plant-based revolution is upon us and Beyond Meat is leading the way. With more and more people wanting to reduce their meat consumption for health and environmental reasons, Beyond Meat is perfectly positioned to provide delicious, plant-based alternatives to traditional animal protein sources. From burgers to chicken strips, Beyond Meat has a product for everyone who wants to transition to a meat-free diet or simply reduce their meat intake. Plus, they taste great!


The Beyond Meat company is providing delicious, plant-based meat alternatives for those wanting to reduce their meat intake.


The Beyond Meat company is providing delicious, plant-based meat alternatives for those wanting to reduce their meat intake. These products taste great and are nutritious, making them a perfect choice for those looking to cut down on their meat consumption. Beyond Meat's products are also environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about eating them knowing that you're helping to protect the planet.


Products include burgers and chicken strips that taste great and satisfy cravings for traditional animal protein sources.


There's no question that plant-based meat alternatives are on the rise, with Beyond Meat leading the charge. Their products include burgers and chicken strips that taste great and satisfy cravings for traditional animal protein sources. But what makes Beyond Meat so special? And are there any other plant-based meat alternatives out there worth trying? Let's take a closer look.


  • Beyond Sausage: 
    • This new vegan sausage is made primarily of peas, blended with lentils, beetroot, onion, garlic, carrot and coconut oil. And, if you're wondering how it tastes, let its name be a clue: "Beyond Meat" sounds like it's pretty much meat, right? Well, it's not quite there yet, but it's pretty good. It's the best vegan sausage I've tried yet.


  • Beyond Chicken: 
    • Beyond Meat has created a plant-based chicken alternative that tastes and feels like real chicken. It’s made with soy and pea protein, is low in saturated fat and high in 20+grams of plant-based protein. They’ve taken fat out and added in more protein, texture, and nutrients. Beyond Chicken is a delicious alternative to conventional chicken made with pea protein and soy. Why eat Beyond Chicken? 
      • It’s delicious! •
      • It’s authentic! •
      • It’s good for you!


  • Beyond Meat Crumbles: 
    • This is a great option if you are looking to incorporate more plant-based protein into your diet. It is the perfect substitute for meat because it is made from 100% plant protein. Made with soy and pea protein, this product is low in fat and carbohydrates and is a great substitute for meat in any recipe. The company says this is the first vegan meat crumbles product in the market. What is it made from? The crumbles are made from pea protein and rice. How does it taste? The product is described as having a "similar texture" to ground beef.


  • The Beyond Chicken Tenders: 
    • These are 100% plant-based products. The product is a vegan friendly, whole grain product. It is a great choice for those looking to eat healthily and still get the taste of chicken. It is also great for those looking to avoid processed meat products, such as traditional chicken tenders. How many calories are in Beyond Chicken Tenders? Each patty has 140 calories. This is on par with the other frozen chicken products.Beyond Chicken Tenders (made from soy protein, pea protein isolate and coconut oil) are gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free, and they contain 18 grams of protein per serving. They also provide 20 percent of the RDI for calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron.



Lowering meat consumption has health and environmental benefits, making Beyond Meat's products a sustainable option.


According to the World Health Organization, meat consumption is expected to rise by nearly 70% by 2050. As the world's population grows, so does the demand for meat. However, this increase in demand comes with a cost. The production of livestock contributes to climate change, deforestation, and water scarcity. lowering meat consumption can have health benefits as well as help reduce your ecological footprint on the planet.


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